MKDU things (1)

17 July 2011

Begitu banyak yang na dapatkan di ITB. Yap! Thank you ITB, for letting me study here. So. Many. Things. Thank God for giving me a chance to study here. Nanananaa.. So Glad. Even I don’t have a really great record or achievement or something. But, you know what. I got many many things! 
I feel like I’m just being better. That’s it. Especially in a last semester. I learned so much. From my final assignment I learn how to treat people. How to make a speak in front of a group of people. Excited!. You know what. I took 10 sks of non-chemical engineering major. Whoaa. I met others. I was a stranger enough. Yah. Na disana ketemu banyak orang asik. Asik. Orang asik pasti ngangenin ahaha. They’re amazing. Na ga nyesel knapa na baru ambil kuliah luar pas semester akhir, tapi na sangat-sangat bersyukur na diberi kesempatan buat gabung bersama anak-anak gokil dan asik itu. Ahaha. Kareoke pertama na seumur hidup itu gara-gara na dateng memenuhi undangan mereka. Dan seru juga ternyata.
Hee. Seru ya. Okay. Let’s talk about memories because I don’t even remember what the date was. Okay. “You stood there in front of me just, close enough to touch.. nananna” (listening sparks fly on my sony ericsson walkmanphone!)


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